Whether we are creating memorable experiences for sports, Family, Resort, Travel and More; providing a world away to resort guests; or enabling teens living with cancer to support one another — we believe design can change people’s lives for the better.


Our Commercial practice includes architecture, interior design, planning and branded environments to offer our clients comprehensive design solutions tailored to their needs. Our design teams leverage data and analytics, research and observation to create design solutions that achieve desired outcomes. We know we have been successful when the people who own, use and admire the places we create feel empowered, inspired and connected. 

How Can Design Promote Financial and Physical Well-Being?

Our goal is to create environments that inspire and have a profound, memorable impression on the individuals who experience them. ”


Airports should be places that travelers enjoy, but too often, that’s not the case. In our design for aviation, we aim to create places that connect people with their surrounding in a positive, healthy and meaningful way. Today, we work, unwind, and shop in airports, because we spend more time in them. At HKS, we believe airports should be beautiful places that lift our spirits as we travel. Airports should be destinations in their own right.

Civic & Cultural

Venues of distinction embrace local character and context, drawing people together for key civic moments. Increasingly, we see our civic and cultural clients leveraging sustainable design to reflect community values, and our design teams find innovative ways to express each venue’s community. We enhance urban environments by integrating interior design, architecture, open spaces and streetscapes through sustainable strategies. In each project, we create places noted for building community and celebrating culture.


The built environment has a direct and measurable impact on student and teacher performance. Through thoughtful design, we can inspire, promote well-being, and build connections between people. In our environments for learning, we aim to create places that nurture inclusive learning communities where all students feel they belong. Our research sheds light on how design can foster learning by adapting to various learning styles, individual instruction moments and group activities.


Mission first, community always. Our government facilities support the mission, foster a culture of service and protect the well-being of all. Responsible to the public and listening to our client, we design nimble, resilient, sustainable environments as we partner with our clients to offer award-winning solutions. In all we do, we connect mission, people, and community, building trustworthy relationships.

Senior Living

We design places that help elders lead meaningful lives in environments that celebrate their abilities, adapt to their changing needs, and cultivate community. Our designers begin by considering how elders want to live so that we create places that support the lifestyles and levels of care best suited to unique populations. Our senior living designs enable their residents to thrive by promoting both personal and community health and well-being. Curiosity, creativity, and compassion are the hallmarks of our design teams who craft award-winning environments noted for both their quality of life and quality of care.

Residential Mixed-Use

HKS takes an integrated approach to residential mixed-use design, considering the needs of our clients, their investors, residents and the surrounding community. We craft designs that offer optimal unit planning, unit mix and amenity strategies, both inside and out. In all our work, we create bespoke environments for distinct lifestyles, integrating that vision from overall project concept to the finest architectural details.

Our profession has seen a paradigm shift in how we talk about research. We no longer talk about research as what we do, but rather, as who we are. We elevate design through research.

We deliver designs that inspire, connect and perform.

We offers integrated in-house structural engineering services that enhance our design and delivery process. Our structural engineers partner with our architects and interior designers to achieve cohesive, coordinated results from day one. An integral part of HKS, we are a design-focused engineering team that achieves beautiful and efficient structures that simply work.

Our portfolio includes health, sports, education, commercial, aviation, and hospitality projects. The conditions for which we design range from projects that must withstand high-velocity hurricanes to those that must be ready for powerful seismic events and even extreme northern snow loads.